Jeff Cobb has been a busy man in 2020, making appearances for Ring of Honor, New Japan, AEW and many indie promotions. Tonight on AEW Dynamite, he will make his AEW debut against Jon Moxley. Many AEW fans want to see more of Cobb as does Cody Rhodes when he was asked on a media call about Cobb’s status.

“That’s still in gestation. Jeff works with New Japan, ROH and now he works for AEW. I’m a big fan of Jeff Cobb because I like shooters in wrestling. I don’t try to consider myself one with my limited amateur background but I think he’s one. He’s a tank and is a special athlete. So I think it’s in gestation. I would hope he maybe pursues a longer thing with AEW but I don’t want it to impede on anything that he’s doing in his soul if that makes sense. If he wants to travel the globe and do other things, then have it,” Cody said before noting that all AEW contracts are different and tailored to the talent’s desires.

“We do have Jeff for more than just the Atlanta show but I’d love to see Jeff in more of a long-term deal with us. He’s a special talent.”

For roughly nine months AEW floated around and then they made their TV debut on TNT. Cody was asked how the move to TNT has affected their negotiations with free agents.

“I look back at All In ? which wasn’t even an AEW show ? and I remember thinking that the doors might be open for our peers in wrestling to look at us and go, ‘Hey, I wanna be part of what they’re doing,'” Cody said before adding that the word they use most often when looking at talent is “fresh” and also that free agents need to be able to go bell to bell.

“The doors are open and if more people look at what we’re doing ? and the cascade of events that’s happening because of AEW ? then that makes me happy. That means more of my peers are getting paid and taking care of their families better. It’s a real proud time to be a wrestler and for someone who grew up in the wrestling business and was always proud of what we did, I’m proud that that can be happening right now.”

WWE has the Performance Center in Orlando and ROH has their Dojo in Baltimore, but AEW doesn’t yet have an official training facility. Cody was asked if something like that is in the works in terms of scouting the next AEW stars.

“As far as scouting talent goes, I know that me and Taz want to take a trip to the NCAA Finals. I know that even the [NFL] Combine, there’s eyes on it as far as grooming professional athletes that have a look, size and athletic ability,” said Cody.

“But then again, we’re also a DIY company and you have guys like Matt and Nick Jackson who were born and bred on an indie level. They’re still mining the independent scene as well.”

Cody mentioned how he’s taken on a leadership and ownership position at The Nightmare Factory in Atlanta. He says that could grow into a full-time thing but they don’t currently have a lot of wrestlers in training.

“This past weekend Dean Malenko held a seminar and 85 percent of the roster voluntarily showed up,” Cody said referencing The Nightmare Factory. “It seems like if we’re willing things into existence, which is my MO, then maybe potentially that spot will be part of AEW in the future. But for now it’s my own thing and a place where people can get reps in and train. It’s also for people to nurse injuries, rehab and come back.”

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