Davey Boy Smith Jr. has wrestled all around the world and is familiar with many different wrestling styles. His latest style is more of a shoot or catch variety that is reminiscent of Bloodsport.

Smith talked about pushing for more of this style when he spoke with Wrestling Inc. on The Wrestling Inc. Daily.

“If you want the best from the world you gotta give your best,” replied Smith. “I believe that my style has always been more suited in that direction and I’m built for that style. I’ve trained under Billy Robinson and won numerous grappling tournaments. I’ve trained with Josh Barnett and done a lot of stuff in NJPW. There’s an aspect of pro wrestling that I think the old UWF style and even Angle and Benoit ? it was a more physical style.”

Smith said he doesn’t want to bad mouth all the wrestlers that are doing a lot of spots. But he said it’s like watching a cartoon in fast forward.

I can’t work that style because it’s too fast, too much to remember and I’m too big,” stated Smith. “I think that hard-hitting style is what fans want to see. My match with Simon Gotch? you’d much rather see that out of us than us going out there and doing a 5-10 minute WWE-style match. It just doesn’t suit the way we’ve trained.

“At the end of the match, the most important thing is how the match ends ? and I won’t divulge that ? but I’m sure you would agree with me Nick, it was a very strong finish.”

In addition to Smith adapting more of a shoot-style gimmick, MLW as a whole also seems to be moving towards that Bloodsport-style of matches. Smith talked more about what he wants out of using this type of style.

“I’m trying to influence it in MLW with the rise of popularity in MMA and a lot of the guys who have come on the scene like Tom Lawlor. I thought it would be something new and a breath of fresh air and something fans pay attention too. It’s a good thing for my image as well because after the match I went out and had a few fans come up to me and say they were legitimately scared of me after they saw my match,” revealed Smith.

“Then they said I had a strange aura about myself and they were legitimately scared of me and they’ve never felt that way about other people. That’s what I want ? that kind of image and feeling from the fans. I’m sure if you were growing up and you met Abdullah the Butcher then you’d be legitimately scared. So that’s more of the feeling that I want. We’re not here to spray Axe perfume on each other and carry a light shower kit bag and pamper ourselves with towels. I want it to be rough and f***ing serious.”

Smith has redefined himself in recent years with his time in MLW and New Japan. He’s seemingly become more of a vicious and ruthless performer and he talked more about that.

“There are certain people that I’ve met like Antonio Inoki, Vince McMahon and Brock Lesnar ? there’s certain guys that have a different kind of aura. So when people tell me that they feed that off me, it’s just from years of training and experience in beating people up and also coming back from adversity. People can read spirits off of you and that’s important for me,” Smith said before adding that MLW gives him a chance to showcase his style.

“Now that I’ve won the Opera Cup there’s other guys like Erik Stevens, Jacob Fatu ? I’ve got my eyes on him as well. There’s some big boys in MLW that wanna play so I’m looking forward to the future with that.”

Another fighter familiar with this type of style is King Mo who has fought in MMA and is signed with MLW. Smith talked about meeting King Mo.

“I’ve seen a little bit of King Mo. I’ve met him and he’s a very nice guy,” said Smith. “He’s been very polite and complimentary of my skills which I appreciated and I don’t think he would have said that if he didn’t mean it. He’s offered me to come down to Coconut Creek and train with him which I’m probably gonna do somewhere in the near future.

“I think it’s good that he’s transitioning to pro wrestling. He had a character in MMA so hopefully that can translate to pro wrestling.”

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