Marty Scurll did more than just sign a new contract with ROH as he also signed on to being the promotion’s head booker. Flip Gordon talked about his fellow Villain Enterprises member taking on more backstage power when he joined The Wrestling Inc Daily.

“Marty is a very good businessman and I think whatever position he’s put in, he’s gonna thrive. He’s one of the most creative people I’ve ever met and he’s gonna do wonders. Give him a chance and I think you’re gonna be very proud of him,” said Gordon.

“Look what he’s done with Villain Enterprises ? that’s just on a microlevel. Now he’s got a whole company.”

ROH will be holding an upcoming free show called Free Enterprise and Gordon talked about what ROH is hoping to accomplish with this.

“We’re just saying thank you for the support. Let’s put on a free show and show them our new talent that they might not have heard of before. Come support us. You’ve been supporting us for so long and we wanna give you the best possible show. It’s just a thank you and you’re gonna get the best wrestling you can,” said Gordon who was then asked what to expect out of his opponent Slex.

“You can expect Slex to tap out. I’m on a mission to prove a point that I just wanna be the best. I’m not trying to be fancy anymore ? I’m coming in to fight. I don’t care who’s across from me as I’m coming in to make a statement. I don’t care if it’s Slex, RUSH or somebody from my own team. I’m coming in there to fight and this is my year.”

Gordon has appeared in NWA and NEW already this year and discussed if Villain Enterprises talents will have more freedom to pop up in other places outside of ROH.

“I think any chance to create any buzz or get any more exposure on ROH, on our products and on our superstars, I think is something we should think of. As long as it makes sense, I’m all for it,” said Gordon who took on Brian Pillman Jr. in NEW.

“It was a lot of fun. Me and Pillman Jr. have been friends ever since he started training. It’s been really cool to see our progression and to finally get in the ring together, hopefully it won’t be the last time and he’s got a very bright future.”

Fellow Villain Enterprises member PCO is ROH’s world champion and at 52 years old it is his first world championship for a major promotion. Gordon talked about PCO being the current face of Ring of Honor.

“I think it’s great he’s world champion and it’s his time. It was a long road to the top of that mountain and he absolutely deserves it,” stated Gordon. “He’s a legend and by him being World Champion, Villain Enterprises is World Champion.”

A new face to ROH is Danhausen who has a unique gimmick and Gordon was asked what he thinks of the Danhausen character.

“I’ve seen him a few times but I don’t know completely what his gimmick is,” admitted Gordon. “He’s very entertaining from what I have seen. I love his facials as his paint makes him pop out a little more. But I’ll have to look closer next time so I don’t get stunned the next time I’m asked this question because I’ve heard a lot about Danhausen.”

When asked if Danhausen could possibly join Villain Enterprises one day, Gordon deferred to the group’s boss Marty Scurll.

“I’m lucky to be a part of it because I’ve been fired once already. I’m surprised I didn’t get fired for losing to Nick [Aldis] this past weekend,” said Gordon. “Marty’s not happy. Since the new year we haven’t been doing that hot. We haven’t won very many matches, I mean I’ve won a few. He’s not in the best of moods. I don’t know if he’s gonna wanna to add a member now.

“Maybe [Danhausen] could be a better fit for Ring of Horror with Vinny.”

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