Jazzy Gabert On If She Is Interested In Signing With AEW, Not Meeting WWE Executives While In NXT UK

Jazzy Gabert's time with WWE was brief but she got to meet and work with Shawn Michaels while with NXT UK. She discussed working with HBK when she joined The Wrestling Inc Daily.

"It was incredible. We got to talk to him and he spent so much time with us. He gave us so much advice and was so lovely. I can feel his passion for the product and he's a big part of the success of NXT and NXT UK," Gabert said.

She also talked about how incredibly funny he is. Michaels would curse sometimes as one of the boys and then apologize to all the women and Gabert thought it was cute.

"He tries to be really polite to us girls and I loved it. I was always so amazed when he said he watched the boys matches and they were doing so many crazy flips and saying that he could never do what they did. But it's not true as he's the best," stated Gabert.

Gabert was frustrated with creative at times with NXT UK which, in part, led to her departing the company earlier this year. She was asked if she ever went to Michaels with her frustrations.

"Of course, but sometimes it's just not the right place. Look at Drew McIntyre ? back in the day he got released and hit the indies. Now he's going to WrestleMania. Sometimes it's just not your time. In my case, I'm just too old and I can't wait much longer. I'm 37 and these kids are doing so many crazy things. The wrestling has evolved in such a different way and I'm a different style. I'm hard-hitting and I don't fit in anymore," admitted Gabert.

WWE recently announced the departures of longtime executives George Barrios and Michelle Wilson. Gabert was asked if those two were ever around during her time with NXT UK.

"No, not at all. The only guy I met was Canyon Ceman, the talent scout. There were some from the office but you don't go over there and say, 'Hi, it's me.' At the Mae Young Classic I met some of those people like Stephanie McMahon and Triple H of course. But you don't go over and just wait until someone speaks to you," stated Gabert.

She stated earlier that her style no longer fits in with what WWE wants out of its performers and Gabert was asked if she has any interest in possibly heading over to AEW.

"Absolutely. I wanna make a living so of course I would go there," stated Gabert. "But to be honest, I feel that my in-ring time may be gone. I feel like the younger people should do it and I wanna be a promoter. It's a lot of fun and maybe I can get my ideas forward and how I see the wrestling world."

The fact that there are very few women's promoters out there was brought up and Gabert mentioned Paige's mom, Saraya Knight, as one of the few. She was also asked why there aren't many female promoters in pro wrestling.

"I don't know. It's a lot of work but it's the same amount of work for men. I think it's like a normal job and we girls need to step up the game. Before, it was a man's business but I think sooner or later a lot of girls will promote," said Gabert.

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