Johnny Gargano recently spoke with TMZ Sports as can be seen in the video above about turning on Tommaso Ciampa and why NXT is a better product than RAW and SmackDown.

Gargano was asked about the social media response as to why he attacked Ciampa at the conclusion of the main event at NXT Takeover: Portland and stated that he really has not paid attention to it.

"I honestly haven't looked," Gargano admitted. "I haven't checked any of that out. What happened, happened. I think the people that know why, they'll figure it out. If you look deep down inside yourself, you'll find the answer."

Gargano was also asked about the response of some on social media saying he is a changed man after the attack, saying that he is the same Johnny Gargano he has always been.

"I'm still the same Johnny Gargano. For the first time in a long time though, my eyes are wide open," Gargano said. "I'm seeing things with a new perspective. I'm seeing things under a new light and we'll see what comes of that."

Gargano then addressed those who believe that NXT is still the "minor league" to RAW and SmackDown where he quickly shot that ideology down.

"That's BS," Gargano stated emphatically. "That is complete garbage and it is something that me and a lot of guys have worked to dispel for a very long time. Anyone out there that uses the words 'main roster' when talking about RAW and SmackDown, how about you watch the show on Wednesday nights and you'll see the real 'main roster.'

"You'll see the best wrestling show on the planet. You will see the best locker room on the planet, led by me! So, 'main roster,' 'developmental,' you're stupid if you use those words! You're stupid, quit it!"

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