Kurt Angle Predicts Who Will Be In Next Year's WrestleMania's Main Event

For nearly eight years Kurt Angle wrestled alongside AJ Styles in TNA. Styles would then join WWE in 2016 and Angle returned to the promotion a year later.

Angle saw the very best of Styles in his prime while with TNA and he talked about how WWE should have signed him a long time ago in an interview with Sportskeeda.


"Oh, I think WWE should have brought him in ten years ago. Unfortunately they didn't but they got him," said Angle. "AJ's still going strong. I'd say he's every bit as good as he was ten years ago so I just hope his career continues on and he can give us a few more years. He's been doing this for a while, for over 20 years. He was an amateur wrestler before. AJ is one of the best in the company, if not the best in the world, and he's been that guy for eight years now – so he's had a lot of success."

Angle main evented WrestleMania XIX in a match against Brock Lesnar and it's still up for debate as to who will main event WrestleMania 36 this year. Angle threw out a couple of names as to who he thinks could close this year's show and also who could main event next year's WrestleMania.


"The main event? Two wrestlers? Gosh, there are a lot of guys, a lot of guys," Angle said of this year's event. "I don't know. Roman? [Kurt laughs] Like he's not already main-evented four times – but I'm sure he'll main event, and I would say... Who's the guy? I like Andrade! I think Andrade might main event WrestleMania, he's ready.

"The following year, I'd say Aleister Black. Those two guys are... And Buddy Murphy, don't count this guy out. He's going to come on strong this next year. Those three guys are changing the game. There's a new style and if you watch them, you'll see what I'm talking back."

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