Goldberg revealed this past Friday night on Smackdown that The Fiend Bray Wyatt is next! Goldberg appeared via satellite to issue the challenge to Wyatt, but he was interrupted by a Firefly Funhouse segment where the challenge was accepted for WWE Super Showdown.

WWE Hall of Famer, Mark Henry, appeared on Sirius XM’s Busted Open Radio to share his thoughts on this upcoming match.

Henry may be the World’s Strongest Man, but said he is glad that he has not crossed paths with The Fiend as of yet.

Henry said, “The Fiend kind of scares me. I am so glad that I’ve been able to stay away from the business and not be tormented by The Fiend. That would be the worst thing ever.”

Goldberg had been criticized for his performance at the 2019 Super Showdown against The Undertaker and tried to make up for it with his match against Dolph Ziggler at Summerslam with a much better performance, but Henry does not think that Goldberg is the one that is going to defeat The Fiend for the Universal Championship.

“Bill is not the one. This is one of those matches that if it is done right it can be one of those that we really talk about and say ‘Where has this Goldberg been’ and I think he realizes that and wants that,” Henry said. “A lot of people would not want to work up to that standard, but that is why he is a Hall of Famer.”

Looking at the way that the match was set up on Smackdown, Henry feels like the delivery did not do what the match could be, justice.

Henry said, “I don’t know if even that spot did it justice. I think him walking off the screen pissed off, set the tempo and Bray Wyatt is just so damn good. You want to talk about somebody that keeps your attention, he keeps your attention. He goes into laughter, he goes into anger, he goes into frustration as good as any actor I have ever seen.”

Bray Wyatt has done a superb job of displaying split personalities on WWE programming and Henry believes he will need to bring it all to the table during this upcoming match with Goldberg.

“I think we will see The Fiend and we will see Bray Wyatt,” Henry stated. “This is a way that you can add more depth to that character and he needs to be schizophrenic. I can see him coming in and out and that would be very pleasing.”

Goldberg will attempt to reclaim the WWE Universal Championship at WWE Super Showdown on Thursday, Feb. 27 from International Arena at The Boulevard in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.