As previously noted, WWE personality and retired professional wrestler Paige was recently a guest on Chasing Glory With Lilian Garcia. Among many other things, Paige talked about the type of roles she would happily assume in WWE and her relationship with WWE Backstage host Renee Young. Also, Paige noted a couple of big names in the professional wrestling industry who auditioned for WWE Backstage.

Paige, who became hopeful for a return to the ring following Edge's WWE comeback, said she would like to be an onscreen authority figure again for WWE, but showed no interest in managing again when asked by Lilian.

"Honestly, I would like to get back on the road if I was General Manager," Paige revealed. "That's something I really loved and enjoyed because it took me out of my comfort zone. I had a lot of verbiage to remember. Oh my God, I'm like, 'ah, there's so much crap here!' But I really enjoyed that I would love to come back doing that kind of stuff, but if not, like, I'm really content just doing appearances here and there for them, going to England for them, or doing media stuff, or whatever they need me to do, and do the FOX show, WWE Backstage because it is fun. I get to hang out with Renee. We have CM Punk on there. Like, Booker's always amazing. Christian is always amazing. It's just we have our own little family and I really enjoy that."  

On the subject of Renee, Paige said the Canadian TV personality is so likeable that she can be friends with anyone and that she is a great friend.  

"I love Renee," Paige gushed. "Dude, I don't think I've come across anyone that doesn't like Renee Young. She just has that personality where she can be friends with everyone and I love that. And she's not a negative person. She doesn't bulls--t you. She's very honest and she's just a very good friend to have."

According to Paige, AEW Dark's Tazz and Corey Graves both auditioned for WWE Backstage, but did not get the gig.

"They were auditioning different people to do [WWE Backstage]," Paige recalled. "It was, like, super fun and we had Booker there and Christian. And there were a couple of other people, but they didn't get it. I think it was like Tazz maybe and [Corey] Graves. Yeah, but Graves had a podcast that's doing really great."

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