At 51 years old, PCO became a World Champion for the first time at a major promotion by winning ROH’s world title. You would think that he’s reached the pinnacle of his professional career but he talked about other goals he has when he joined The Wrestling Inc. Daily.

“The other goals are related to the main goal of becoming a world champion. I also want to have one of the greatest rivalries, get record buyrates for PPVs and get great gates for live shows,” said PCO. “That’s my goals ? to really help Ring of Honor become something major ? a little bit like Hulk Hogan in WWE back in the day. Every wrestling fan knows about ROH but sometimes going through customs or things like that, I would like people from every walk of life to know ROH. That’s my goal.”

Over the past year there’s been major developments in regards to wrestling promotions getting new TV deals whether it be AEW with TNT or NXT moving to USA. There’s also been talk of ROH getting its own live, weekly TV show in 2020 and PCO weighed in on if it’s the right time for that to happen.

“Absolutely, I think that’s the way to go and we have the resources to do it. We’ve got it there so it’s just a matter of placing things right and doing things right,” PCO said. “We have the capacity to have a live show on a good TV station which is something that they own. With HonorClub, every show we’re doing is basically a PPV. So, all of the production team is ready for a move like that. It’s going to be really interesting.”

Someone familiar to the ROH audience is Jeff Cobb, and he recently popped up on AEW. PCO talked about Cobb’s wrestling prospects as he is still working with ROH.

“I feel like I’m gonna see Jeff in Ring of Honor as I think he has dates. So, that’s pretty surprising in a way that he’s gonna be working both companies. I know he was not under a full guaranteed contract as he is a free agent so to speak,” stated PCO.

“I really don’t wanna talk about Jeff’s business because I don’t know how he does his thing. But he’s a good talent and is a hell of a good guy. I wish him all the best and hopefully he’s gonna make the right decision eventually.”

Back in his earlier days PCO wore an eye patch during his matches and now Jon Moxley is doing the same. He was asked about his thoughts on Mox rocking the eye patch in AEW.

“I think he’s gonna do it for a [little] while as I don’t think he’s gonna do it for a long time. If he does, then that doesn’t really change anything for me,” stated PCO. “It’s cool for him and it works for his style. But I know Jericho spiked him in the eye from his vest so it’s for a storyline. But I don’t even know if he was wearing it in Japan when he last worked there.”

PCO then noted that he has a legitimate handicap in his eye from a pellet gun accident as a kid. He wore his eye patch to turn a negative of the handicap into a positive.

“I wanted it to be some sort of an inspiration for everyone with a handicap,” stated PCO.

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