Rey Mysterio's WWE return in 2018 saw him win the United States Championship and make pursuits for the WWE Championship. However, the big highlight for Mysterio is seeing him work with the younger generation of wrestlers. Mysterio discussed his thoughts on a young wrestler like Ricochet with BT Sport and gave him high praise.

"He was actually one of the first superstars that really impressed me. When you're in this world and you come home, the last thing you want to do is watch wrestling or hear about other wrestlers, and I secluded myself very well. I was home for two-three days a week, and it was family time specifically," Mysterio said. "There comes a point where you gotta make sure you see you're competition. Who's up and coming? He was one of the guys that really stood out to me, and he's been doing incredible. I personally feel he's the next Rey Mysterio."

Mysterio continued to talk about watching guys like Ricochet from in the ring in tag matches, calling it the best seat in the house. He also talked about how he is always happy to give advice to young wrestlers.

"I enjoy giving advice if they ask for it. I love having the seat in the house when I'm teaming with a Ricochet. [It's an] opportunity to watch them perform like [how] other superstars would look at me do my thing and go in the ring. I always say that's the best seat in the house," Mysterio said. "It's better than front row because I'm right there in the corner, and I get to see everything and see how perfectionist these guys are and how their passion just pours in that ring."

Many of young wrestlers like Ricochet grew up watching Mysterio. Mysterio talked about the mutual respect he shares with the wrestlers that he gets to share the ring with that watched him when they were kids.

"Obviously, 100 percent honest, but it makes you feel good as a human being to have inspired someone in so many ways. For them to tell you, 'I used to watch you when I was eight years old,' and now they're here sharing the ring with me," Mysterio said. "As it's shocking and exciting for them, it is for me as well to visually imagine this kid was eight years old. He was watching me on TV, and now he's in the ring so it's a mutual respect feeling that I get."

The highlight feud in Mysterio's recent run has been with Andrade. Mysterio recently lost the U.S. title to Andrade at a live event. Mysterio compared the chemistry he has with Andrade with the chemistry he had with Guerrero which is something he has said before.

"There's definitely a chemistry there that I feel I had with Eddie, when I was feuding against Eddie. Our backgrounds [and] our style [are] very similar being both second generation so that has a lot to do with the connection we have in the ring," Mysterio said. To be able to think like we're on the same page, it's very rare that you get that. I've been very blessed throughout my career to have had that connection with many: Kurt Angle, Edge, RVD, Eddie, Batista. With Andrade there's something there that just clicks. That's very unique, and he's the next top superstar in this company. If he keeps working hard like he has been, I just don't see why not that's just where he's destined to be."

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