As previously reported, WWE announced today that the company is evaluating "strategic alternatives" for the WWE Network.

During today's 2019 earnings call, Vince McMahon discussed the possibility of selling the rights of their major pay-per-views to another streaming service. McMahon said that they could continue on with their current model by adding new tiers (WWE quietly added a free tier to the Network last December), or they can "exercise the selling of our rights to all the major [streaming services]" to increase revenue.

"We have a lot of options," McMahon said (h/t to The Wrap for the transcription). "We could continue on as we are now, with an enhancement of a tier… we also have an option right now, there's no more better time to exercise the selling of our rights to all the majors who, quite frankly, all the majors are really clamoring for our content.

"So that could be a significant increase, obviously, in terms of revenue."

McMahon did not confirm that the company would move in that direction, just that it was an option. He did say that they are far along in negotiations for potential deals for the Network and that if it is finalized, it "will be announced this quarter, that's how far along we are."

McMahon added that the potential deal will be "transformative" for the company.

Stay tuned for more updates. You can check out our full recap of today's earnings call by clicking here.