Teddy Hart Talks Recent Arrest In New Phone Call From Jail

As Wrestling Inc. first reported, Teddy Hart was arrested back on Tuesday, February 11 in Richmond, Virginia and booked on 3 charges of possession, possession of a Schedule III controlled substance, and possession with intent to sell & distribute. Hart remains in the Richmond County Jail and is due back in court on Thursday, April 23 to face the charges.

Hart and girlfriend Maria Manic posted a video to their "Maria & Ted's Unfiltered Adventures" YouTube channel earlier today, which you can see above. The video includes a recording of a phone call Hart placed from jail to update fans on his situation.

Hart said after last week's ROH Free Enterprise event, he left Maria at their hotel as she wasn't feeling well following a table bump she took. Hart took a drive to pick up some marijuana, but police pulled him over due to an issue with his license plate and the registration for the car he was driving in. Hart confirmed that police found steroids and marijuana in the car, which is why he was arrested. He also said the issue with the registration was worked out and police determined the car was not stolen, and that the car will be returned to "his company" soon. Hart did mention that he has a prescription, apparently for the marijuana but that wasn't clear. Maria noted that Hart left 5 cats in her car for her to care for, while she is still traveling and trying to work.

Hart did not say why he hasn't bonded out of jail, but PWInsider noted that under Virginia law, Hart can't be bonded out as he's considered a foreign national, because he's Canadian, and doesn't have an American address, which would make him a flight risk.

Hart thanked fans for sticking by him and thanked Maria for being loyal, and sticking by him. Hart said he prays he gets out of this situation alive so he can get back into the ring to make people happy by entertaining them.