NXT had its first ever TakeOver event from the Great Northwest as TakeOver: Portland took place last Sunday. After the event Triple H held a media scrum in which Wrestling Inc was a part of and he was asked about the value NXT brings to potential OTT suitors or other alternate platforms.

"I think there is a lot of speculation in the question of new platforms. Vince said on an earnings call about opportunities but if you take all of that off the board, just where it is right now NXT has incredible value wherever it sits, whether that be USA or the WWE Network," said Triple H.

"If you can build a brand like this with a dedicated roster and a two-hour weekly show with regular attractions that you can put on a different platform and then have opportunities to create beyond that… I look at it as an offshoot. If NXT is the main trunk of the tree then there's offshoots of NXT UK. There will continue to be more offshoots as we announced."

He then put over the upcoming Dublin TakeOver show and how the UK brand continues to grow. He also made note of WWE's UK partner BT Sport which took over from Sky Sport after a 30-year partnership between the two.

"Now with that partnership with BT Sport and the prospect there of not only airing on BT but on Paramount, it's continuing to grow and now that's beginning to get picked up over the globe as well. That opportunity is massive across the board and it's a value that a lot of people out there want. That's what you see us talking about – WWE is open for business and we're exploring our options at all times. They're there and they're real. We're seeing what the best fit is for everybody and what the best value for our fan base is and for the WWE Universe," stated Triple H.

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