Tyson Kidd Recalls Being Close With Teddy Hart When He Trained With The Hart Family

On a special Valentine's Day episode of WWE's The Bump this week, Natalya and husband Tyson Kidd spoke about when they first met. It came to the panels surprise that both Natalya and Kidd have known each other since they were kids.


"TJ and I have known each other since I was a kid, like what, 10 years old," Natalya stated. "TJ was very cocky and arrogant, he was about 18. All of the sudden, he trained me on how to wrestle, and I realized that – TJ was my first coach – and I realized that when I started wrestling with other coaches, TJ was like driving a Ferrari and everyone else was like driving a Buick, no offense, I like driving Ferrari's."

Kidd chimed in and stated that he could recall how Natalya absolutely hated him when they first knew each other, but over time, things progressed in a better way.

In addition to meeting Natalya, Kidd spent quite some time training with the Hart Family and mentioned how impactful it was to not only train with them, but to be part of this prestigious family.


"It's been unbelievable. When I look back on it, it was so surreal," Kidd exclaimed. "I met Bret Hart when he was WWE Champion back in 1993, also, being around Davey Boy Smith Jr., Jim Neidhart, and spent time with Owen Hart, that was from when I was 10-22 years old. I have a great relationship with Bret to this day. When I look back on it, I don't understand how it all came together. It makes no sense to me."

Additionally, Kidd noted that when he was training with the Hart's, he tried his best to learn from all of them, including Natalya's cousin, Teddy Hart, who was arrested earlier this week. When working with Teddy, he made sure to not follow in his exact footsteps.

"It was easy because Nattie's cousin is kind of the black sheep of the family. So, I would get painted with that brush when I was with him, but I made sure to do the opposite of what he did. Additionally, over time, people saw that, and didn't see me as a bad guy," Kidd added.

Panelist Evan T. Mack concluded the interview by asking Kidd to elaborate more on what it was like to be incorporated with both the Hart and Neidhart family, in terms of his personal relationship with them.

"It was insane," Kidd mentioned. "Like I said, I was on the outside. At 10 years old, I started getting snowballed into the family. Next thing you know, I'm living with them. I lived with Davey Boy for a while. I lived with Stu Hart and the rest of the Hart's. So, I could go to the Hart Dungeon any time I wanted. It was insane.


"When I look back, when I was a little boy, and watching WWE and watching wrestling on TV, and now, I was around these guys. Bret and Owen, they were my peers, and I got to spend a lot of good quality time with them."

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