Wrestling Inc. Managing Editor Nick Hausman is back to host the latest episode of The Wrestling Inc. Daily podcast, which you can listen to via the player above. The Wrestling Inc Daily is released Monday-Friday afternoon. Click HERE to subscribe on iTunes.

Today’s episode features:

Wrestling Inc’s Justin LaBar joining Nick to talk all the pro wrestling news from the last twenty-four hours. Including:

* Naomi’s WrestleMania 36 plans

* JBL reportedly going into the WWE Hall of Fame

* Matt Riddle’s response to Randy Orton

* Matt Hardy’s latest teases about his future

* WWE’s plans for The Big Show

* AEW pulling talent from WrestleCon

* Eve Torres accusing Donald Trump of forcibly grabbing her

Nick’s interview with former NXT Superstar Bull James. Featuring James discussing:

* His NXT release

* If he sees himself back in NXT

* Honky Tonk Man’s Intercontinental Championship run

* WWE doing a disservice to The Ascension

* NXT talent transitioning to the WWE main roster

* What NXT needs to do to compete with AEW

Bull will be be participating in 80s Wrestling Con on April 18th in Freehold, NJ. For more info please visit www.80sWrestlingCon.com

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