What makes a ring entrance memorable is a combination of factors including the theme song, the talent themselves and the introduction by the ring announcer. SmackDown ring announcer Greg Hamilton has created some of the most iconic ring entrances in WWE history over the years with his intros.

He was asked which entrance is his favorite of all-time when he spoke with Wrestling Inc.'s Andy Malnoske, who will co-host the WWE's Kick-Off show at SmackDown's live event in Elmira, N.Y. Saturday night, in an interview that is featured on Thursday's episode of The Wrestling Inc. Daily.

"I'm gonna give you a very selfish answer. My favorite entrance was AJ Styles when he would stop and point back to me and make me say 'The Face that Runs the Place.' That was one of my favorites and then I can't thank Shane McMahon enough for his 'Best in the World' and what that's done for me. It was stressful but I'm grateful for it. So, AJ Styles and Shane McMahon are top 2 for me," stated Hamilton.

Hamilton mentioned Shane McMahon and he became a regular part of Shane's storylines with his "Best in the World" intros. He talked more about how that came to be and who deserves credit for urging him to take it to another level.

"That all took place at WrestleMania rehearsal. They wanted the Best in the World intro and I'm standing there with Road Dogg and Jeff Jarrett," recalled Hamilton. "They said to me, 'Give me the biggest Best in the World you've got.' I don't think they thought what I was gonna do was that. So I belted out in the middle of an empty Met-Life Stadium 'Best in the World' for like 20 seconds.

"Road Dogg goes, 'Man! Can you do that tonight?' And Best in the World was born."

Malnoske and Hamilton also discussed Malnoske co-hosting Sunday's live event. Malnoske will be announcing with Jon Quasto, a member of the WWE announce team. Together, both will get fans ready for a night to remember with interactive contests, interviews and a community segment where WWE will recognize local autistic high school and blind wrestler, Jake Cole. The Kick-Off show begins at 6:30 pm, match card starts at 7:30 pm at First Arena. It's "The Road to Wrestlemania" with Andy Malnoske and Jon Quasto on SmackDown Live in Elmira.

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