Angel Garza's typical entrance involves him sharing a light kiss with a lucky fan sitting ringside. Things were a little different this week when the fan kissed her own hand and then touched Garza's face. Garza responded by delivering the kiss himself. This prompted many online to advise Garza to cut down on the physical contact with fans due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Many health officials have instructed people to restrict physical contact and practice proper hygiene to help prevent the spread of the virus. WWE have had a meeting before an episode of RAW in regards to how talent should handle themselves to protect themselves from the spread of COVID-19.

WWE and AEW will still run their scheduled events, and WWE talent have taken precautions during meet and greets with fans. Garza also gave his response to the fans about the coronavirus tweeting, "El coronavirus NO existe todo está en la mente," which translates to "Coronavirus does NOT exist, everything is in the mind."

Garza continued his comments saying that the only thing he cares about are "his ladies" and that they enjoy what he is doing. He wrote, "Trust me, the only thing I care and I'm worried about it, are MY LADIES ???? so ?? and enjoy it. @WWE #Raw @wweespanol.

"Guess what!! I have the perfect cure for the CORONAVIRUS ???? it's just under my nose and above my chin."

Check out the series of tweets below: