Earlier this week, Matt Hardy announced that he was not going to re-sign with WWE and is now a free agent. On his podcast, The Hall of Fame with Booker T and Brad Gilmore, Booker T discussed Hardy's decision.

"I was listening to him when he made the announcement that he was going to let his contract expire with the WWE. But, the one thing that I took away from that, more than anything, was that he said that he's got four to five years left, to actually go out there and perform," Booker T said. "You've got to have a plan, man. Right now, it seems like Matt Hardy's plan is to stick around, and to continue to create, as well as continue to be part of AEW, maybe?"

Booker T's co-host, Brad Gilmore, brought up the rumors that Hardy might be making his way towards AEW, and might have the role of The Exalted One in the Dark Order. Booker T still has his doubts about that exact role.

"You don't think that's leverage," Booker T asked. "Like, they're trying to get a little bit of leverage by saying something like 'Hey man, let's start making up stories and maybe, it might happen?"

Gilmore responded by saying that it could happen, since Hardy has been wanting creative freedom for a long time now. He added that from the things that both Chris Jericho and Jon Moxley have said about AEW's approach towards creative freedom, it could be a possibility.

Only time will tell whether Hardy decides to venture over to AEW, or possibly, somewhere else.

You can view Booker T's full reaction above. If you use any of the quotes in this article, please credit The Hall of Fame with Booker T and Brad Gilmore with a h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.