After losing both of his parents at a very young age, Booker T never thought that he would begin the journey of fatherhood at the age of 17. On Chasing Glory with Lilian Garcia, Booker T noted how he strived to be the best father he could be to his firstborn son.

"I got full custody of my son when he was six years old. My son never saw me as a promiscuous dad. He never saw me robbing and cursing or acting any other way than trying to be a good dad," Booker T noted. "My son saw me go to work every day. He saw me try to be the best I possibly could, as far as if I didn't have the tools, I had the money to go find the tools. He didn't get everything that I thought a kid should have, especially being a single parent, growing up the same way."

As far as their relationship now, Booker T stated that he and his son only talk every other week, due to his son being incarcerated. Booker T says it devastates him that he couldn't save his son from making the same mistakes he once made during his adolescence.

"It feels awkward because I've saved so many other kids. I'm always working with kids. That's what I do. I just couldn't save my own," Booker T sadly stated.

Booker T made light of the conversation by talking about his time on WWE Backstage, and how that came to be. He credits Renee Young for putting in a good word for him.

"Big props to Renee, actually, because I wasn't even on the radar, I think, to come and do this thing," Booker T proclaimed. "Renee was like, 'Man, you all need to interview Book. You all need to bring him in, look at him,' because me and Renee, we've got chemistry together. We were doing the WWE Kickoff parties, and we realized we had chemistry, and it was just organic... They brought me in, they auditioned me. Next thing you know, I get the gig."

As a panelist on the show, Booker T had no idea that CM Punk was going to join WWE Backstage occasionally as a special contributor and analyst. He noted that it's great having him on the show to give his take on the WWE, whether it's good or bad.

"I didn't know he was there," Booker T informed. "It was definitely authentic. Having him be part of the show is awesome."

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