Braun Strowman Says People Who Can't Pay Their Bills Should Change Professions

WWE SmackDown Superstar Braun Strowman had an interesting day on Twitter and Instagram yesterday. Strowman noted to a fan that he was at home and not at the WWE Performance Center for SmackDown.

We noted earlier in the day at this link that Strowman fired a shot at new AEW star Lance Archer, and Archer fired back. A fan responded to Strowman and said Strowman "ain't s–t," and that WWE is "a joke." The user added a few more expletives and Strowman fired back.

Braun wrote, "You'll still watch us mark!!!!!"

Another fan wrote, "You couldn't have done a fraction of what Lance Archer did in the G1, banger match, night after night"

Strowman fired back, "Hahahahah another triggered MARK!!!!"

One fan wrote that Strowman was "insane" on Twitter yesterday. Strowman responded (sic), "Well I'm bored and it's funny how everyone thinks it's funny to talk crap but when I clap back they get all upset. I'm enjoying the love. Gotta jeep it interesting when you can't go out in public [man shrugging emoji]"

The controversy for Strowman really began after he responded to an Instagram post that included a screenshot of a tweet made by AEW star Evil Uno of The Dark Order.

As we noted earlier in the week, Uno wrote, "In the wake of all these cancellations... Support the independants. Be it wrestling, music, etc. Buy their merch, support them through Patreon, share their stuff. The gig economy is going to [take] a HUGE hit and many don't have the safety net necessary to survive this."

Strowman has since deleted the comments he made, but you can see screenshots below. Strowman wrote, "Here we go with more of the somebody pay for my bills stuff. If you can't afford to pay your bills maybe you should change professions. That's why I quit strongman I loved it but I couldn't afford to live so instead of making a go fund me or a patreon..."

Strowman continued in another comment, "and for anyone that goes that's easy for you to say you're a wwe superstar just and FYI 7 years ago I moved to fl with everything I owned in a Kia Soul with 150$ to my name when I started this!!!!!"

While Strowman deleted the comments, screenshots began to circulate on Twitter and Strowman responded to comments on those.

One fan wrote, "Great advice in the face of a global pandemic, bud. Ever think that there's folks working their asses off for the exact same opportunity you got seven years ago? What would have happened to you had this happened while you were still doing strongman contests?"

Strowman wrote back, "Let's see I've dug ditches shovled dog crap worked on cars bailed hay I've done it all. You act like I was born with a sliver spoon in my mouth we got by as a family when I was a kid. I would have done what i always did then. Found a way to survive"

Another fan suggested Strowman take some of the money "Fans allowed him to h ave" and help find a cure by donating.

Strowman responded, "I literally donated 5k of my own money to research this week and have been working really hard with company's I'm affiliated with to help with charity's and to get funds and supply's to people that can't physically take care of there selfs."

The fan wrote back, "Man I was raised with very little and what I've gotten in life took a lot of work. I hate the term celebrity I'm a redneck with a cool job. Sucks not being able to work I'm right there with everyone. I'm honored y to o be able to help people in need."

Braun then responded to a fan who wrote, "Let's say half of the current WWE roster took your 'advice' years ago. We wouldn't have the stars we have now. The success rate of the industry is not that high but the passion is through the roof. Let people dream and do what they need to do to achieve it."

He wrote back, "Not saying don't dream at all. Everyone is taking this so far out of context. It's this simple sometimes you have to change your dreams. Trust me I know that's a hard pill to swallow but twice in my life I've given up what I loved because I couldn't survive doing it thats all"

Another fan questioned Strowman about work during these hard times. They wrote, "What are they doing then Braun? s–tting their life by? What businesses are open and hiring every single person who applies, Braun? Answer that since you were ALWAYS prepared during a pandemic and know everything."

Strowman wrote back and said he helped deliver groceries to people in need this past week. He wrote, "Well every local restaurant by me is begging for delivery drivers Amazon just announced they were looking to hire 100k drivers during this Theres lots of stuff to do I've actually helped deliver groceries thisweek to people that couldn't go out and do it there selfs"

One fan then joked that Strowman would be "bash" SmackDown Superstar Mustafa Ali because he's been supporting the Freelance Wrestling promotion on Twitter as of late.

Strowman responded, "Where did I bash anyone. I never said it was dumb what they are doing I'm all about people living the best life and enjoying it but sometimes in life you have to change what is important to you and explore other avenues. Thus what i said about me leaving a sport I loved."

Braun then discussed his WWE pay in a few related tweets.

One fan asked The Monster Among Men what he would do if he was going without pay during hard times like the coronavirus pandemic.

Strowman responded, "I am and it sucks but I'm still working with charity's to help get funds and supplies to people that can't physically can't go out and do it."

Another fan asked Strowman if WWE is "paying you less" during the coronavirus pandemic.

"I get paid when I work. Private contractor. So nothing is coming in at the moment," Strowman responded.

The fan wrote back, "So you're not getting anything? Like not even half your pay?"

"Nope," Strowman responded.

Apparently Strowman had been blocking a bunch of fans during his time on Twitter on Friday. One fan asked Braun about the "mass blocking, even for constructive comments."

"I'm bored honestly and just sick of people only wanting there opinions heard," Strowman responded.

Strowman also had some supporters during the chat on Twitter. One fan wrote, "@BraunStrowman didn't say anything wrong. He said something unpopular. Do not confuse the 2. Your dreams are not a given. Even if you're the most gifted person ever. Nothing in life is, but death. Doesnt mean don't fight for them. Just know most people get knocked out round 1 tho"

Strowman responded, "Thank you sir. I know it's unpopular but man it's true. I'm am the biggest supporter of chasing your dreams but sometimes you have to have new dreams and it sucks but it's life."

Another fan fired back at Strowman and wrote, "if the shoe were on the other foot and you weren't the wwe "sports entertainer" that you are you would make such a f–king stupid post like the one you made and you need to really think before posting then again you clearly show that's an issue."

"I would say the exact same thing if I was still changing tires at pit stop in denver Nc. It's part of life," Strowman wrote back.

Strowman was called out for his "stop being poor" comments by another fan, who wrote, "Hey @BraunStrowman That whole 'just stop being poor' stuff was pretty narrow sighted my guy. Maybe be more mindful of what you say homie"

Strowman responded, "Where the hell did I say stop being poor lol. I said sometimes in life you have to change what is important to you is all. Never took a dig at being poor. Life's tuff I know we've all been through crap."

For those who missed it, you can click here to read Strowman's original exchange with AEW's Archer. Below are the rest of the tweets, along with a screenshot of the comments on the Evil Uno screenshot: