Brodie Lee, f.k.a Luke Harper in WWE, recently made his AEW debut as The Exalted One of The Dark Order. This past Wednesday on AEW Dynamite, a pre-taped segment aired with Lee, Alex Reynolds and John Silver of The Dark Order, where it was speculated that Lee’s character was spoofing WWE Chairman Vince McMahon.

The segment featured Lee enjoying a steak dinner with Reynolds and Silver. Lee then belittled the other two about where The Dark Order was headed, and how they needed to get with the program. In the segment, which you can watch below, Silver went to eat his food, but Lee kicked him out of the room because he tried to eat before Lee was done with his own meal. He then kicked out Reynolds for sneezing, which is one of McMahon’s well known pet peeves.

Lee joined Chris Jericho on his podcast, Talk Is Jericho, where Jericho elaborated on a similar incident with Vince McMahon that also involved a steak dinner.

“I had one of the greatest ideas I had ever come up with,” Jericho said. “Vince, when I pitched it to him was eating a steak. I had asked three different people, had he eaten already? As soon as I got in there, he was extra hungry that day and started eating his second meal and was not paying attention to anything and he looks up at me after I finished and says, ‘bad cow.’ I was like, ‘What bad cow?’ He said, ‘This steak is tough’ and I was like, ‘What about all the great ideas?’ He was like, ‘What else you got?’ I was like, ‘F—, I should have known.”

Lee also had his own personal experiences of dealing with McMahon while he was enjoying a meal and was similarly brushed off in his interactions as well.

“I have pitched many things to him when he is just like chowing down on a salad or something,” Lee said. “Then you hand him something and he’s like, ‘I’ll look at it on the plane,’ and you’re like, he’s not gonna look at those. There were times where I was told he was done eating and it was OK to go in, and then you go in there and it’s like, nope, he’s eating again.”

Lee looked back on his time in WWE and said his peak was winning the WWE Intercontinental Title and that he lost favor soon thereafter.

“That was kind of the peak,” said Lee. “I didn’t win a lot of matches on TV, I did a lot of DQ’s, lost a bunch of matches and it was like I lost favor almost instantly. I didn’t even get a chance to do anything with it. I pitched a bunch of different things for angles to change the character and [Vince] just wasn’t buying them.”

Lee also discussed the formation of The Bludgeon Brothers with himself and Erick Rowan where the creative vision was meant to be similar to that of Demolition, a tag team from the late 80’s and into the 90’s.

“Vince wants to put you and Rowan back together and give you guys a big push,” Lee said. “He wants you guys to be like Demolition. I was like man, I don’t know if we can wear Demolition gear in 2018 and that would fly. We were shown a picture of Demolition and told this is what he wants us to be. Literally a picture of Demolition.”

One of the signature items in The Bludgeon Brothers arsenal was their oversize wooden mallets that would accompany them to the ring. Lee discussed the backstory on the mallets and how they could not call them sledgehammers.

“We couldn’t call them sledgehammers, for obvious reasons,” said Lee, referring to the fact that only Triple H had a sledgehammer. “So we had the mallets and carried those f—ing things around and never used them. They were actual heavy wood mallets and they were dangerous.”

Lee then described how important it was to McMahon that they had the mallets at all times.

“They wanted us to bring them to Saudi Arabia,” Lee said. He then spoke to Vince about the mallets, “Sir, if we check these they are going to disappear and if we try to bring them on a plane they are going to arrest us, so he brought them over on his personal plane.”

The name Bludgeon Brothers was also apparently all McMahon’s idea, and was met with mixed reactions from Lee.

According to Lee, McMahon asked, “Can’t you feel the word ‘bludgeon?'”

“In my head, I’m like no I don’t feel it at all,” Lee recalled. “Once we finally got rolling, I was OK with it. At first though it was like pulling teeth, I just wasn’t feeling it.”

Lee has been vocal in the past about his early relationship with Erick Rowan and he discussed it in a little bit more detail with Jericho.

“When we first got together in The Wyatt Family, I despised the man,” Lee said. “I hated him. We roomed together, we tagged together and we were literally constantly together and he snores more than any man I have ever met in my life, so rooming with him was hell. If I didn’t fall asleep first, I didn’t sleep so I would wake up hating him. We would be calling a match and I could only think of how much I hated him. … In the long run we became really great friends and the last run was a lot of fun.”

If you use any of the quotes in this article, please credit Talk Is Jericho with a h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.