Cody Responds To Fan Who Asked If It's Necessary To Continue With Storylines Without A Crowd

This afternoon a fan asked what Cody Rhodes thought about continuing AEW storylines without a crowd due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The fan's full question was, "Cody ... is it really necessary to continue with this storylines without crowd? The crowd, the energy, the environment is what makes AEW the best right now. I'm really worried. I was dying for the exalted revelation to come ... but not now"

Cody's response was the following, "A lot of folks are sitting at home. Some scared...all bored. Just like real community leaders have come forward, entertainment leaders have to follow suit(safely). People need to laugh, cry, forget, love, all the good stuff. My personal opinion, we shouldn't hold back."

As noted earlier this week, AEW has done several schedule changes due to the coronavirus. The upcoming episode of Dynamite was moved from Rochester, NY to Jacksonville, FL. They also announced that the show in Jacksonville will be managed under a "restricted attendance policy."

Below you can read Cody's response: