Cody Rhodes Comments On His Neck Tattoo

As previously noted, Cody Rhodes has a new tattoo on his neck that he revealed at AEW Revolution in Chicago and it has a lot of people talking.

Cody's wife Brandi admitted that she didn't like the Nightmare Family tattoo.


Earlier tonight, Cody commented on his new ink on Instagram. He explained in the post that he didn't want to hide his brand and would explain more on tomorrow's "Road To Denver" video.

He wrote, "I'm humbled by the run I've been on and the love of the fans. Incredibly lucky man. It was very simple, I wear a lot of brands...I wanted to make sure mine was one of them. And I wasn't hiding it. More details on tomorrow's "Road To Denver"... – thank you @inkanddaggertattoo @craigbrocktattoo for taking the design and making it a reality."

Below you can see his post: