Cody Rhodes did a Q&A with fans earlier today on his Twitter account, where he responded to questions about the Young Bucks and Hangman Page, Cody not being able to challenge for the AEW World Championship, his amateur wrestling background, and David Starr.

In the lead-up to AEW World Tag Team Champions Kenny Omega and Hangman Page vs. The Young Bucks at AEW Revolution, the two teams had a sit-down interview with Jim Ross on an episode of Dynamite. In it, Nick Jackson said Page was “just a jobber in Ring of Honor” before The Elite brought him into the fold. Cody was asked if that crossed the line.

“People say stuff in the heat of the moment,” Cody replied. “Everybody in The Elite has done something for each other and vice versa, it’s maybe the only faction in history that really hinges on all of us being linked. A lot of love between this bunch. A lot.”

Back in November, Cody took on and lost to Chris Jericho (who was AEW World Champion at the time) at AEW Full Gear. Going into that match, if Cody lost, he would never get to challenge for the title again, and that’s something he’s sticking to.

“In fairness, I thought I’d beat Chris,” Cody said to a fan who asked if it was a mistake to accept that stipulation. “I didn’t. There’s a ton of matches on the table for me to have, and more in gestation coming to mind everyday. It’s important that I keep my word on that stipulation.”

Cody was then asked about his background in amateur wrestling and if it’s helped develop his pro wrestling career.

“Folkstle and freestyle amateur wrestling helped immensely,” Cody wrote. “The real knowledge of body leverage can’t be artificial, it’s also why I really dislike ‘chain wrestling’ because when taught wrong it has zero roots in actually taking somebody down.”

Cody was also asked about OTT World Champion David Starr, and if he ever considered reaching out to him (presumably to come to AEW).

“Lovely dude,” Cody said. “I had a real bad experience with a promoter overseas, and I remember working Starr was actually one of the things that kept me cool and calm. Nice mustache too.”

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