Dana Brooke has appeared on WWE TV just twice so far in 2020, but that hasn’t deterred her from striving for her goals. Those include winning her first WWE Championship and working with some other top Women’s Superstars.

She talked more about her future in-ring goals in an interview with The Pop Break.

I’ve signed a new five year contract. So right now I just want to keep improving and strive for the best. In my mind, I think Lacey Evans and I work great together. She always pushes me to the best of my abilities. When we can come together I feel like we’re a very dominant team,” said Brooke.

“With that being said, I would love to go up for the tag team titles. And you know the Kabuki Warriors have the titles right now – Asuka and I have quite the history as well. So I definitely have some unfinished business with her. You know, I would love for Ronda Rousey to come back…. Ronda is a close friend of mine but a great competitor as well. She really makes me step up my game so that would be amazing and obviously [winning] the SmackDown Women’s Title as well. The sky’s the limit!!”

Brooke has long been one of WWE’s biggest supporters of their anti-bullying campaign as well as various charities. She talked about her work with them and what inspired her to get involved.

“The charity work that I do, I hold very dear to my heart. I have a soft spot for children. I love giving back to the communities and Don’t Be A Bully, Be a Star,” said Brooke. “I feel like everyone in life someway or somehow may have been bullied – or may have been a bully. I always say kids are the future and if we can inspire them, the world will be a much better place.”