As noted earlier at this link, several WWE Superstars took to Twitter with reactions to WrestleMania 36 being a two-night event from multiple locations.

WWE Hall of Famer Edge logged on this morning and responded to comments made by Roman Reigns.

For those who missed it, Reigns wrote, "Two nights of @WrestleMania. @WWE's biggest event just got BIGGER. One of those nights belongs to the #BigDog... Who will claim the other? Guess we'll see. #MainEvent"

Edge wrote back and called Reigns a "Big Pup" before declaring what the real main event will be.

"Aw that's cute Big Pup. But whether you realize it or not, if @RandyOrton has the nads to accept my challenge for #WrestleMania we've already marked our territory on what the real main event is. After 9 years the wolf is back in the yard. #LastManStanding #MainMainEvent," Edge wrote.

Reigns is currently scheduled to challenge WWE Universal Champion Bill Goldberg at WrestleMania 36. Edge has issued a challenge to Randy Orton for a Last Man Standing match, which should be confirmed during Monday's RAW episode.

You can see the full exchange between The Rated R Superstar and The Big Dog below: