Since Edge eliminated Orton at the Rumble, Edge and Orton's feud has continued to escalate. Orton brutalized the Rated R Superstar using a steel chair and even delivered an RKO to Edge's wife, Hall of Famer, Beth Phoenix.

After nearly a month since Edge was attacked by Orton, he returned to RAW, and took out his frustration on MVP.

Prior to Edge's entrance, MVP stood center ring and boasted that he was there to "raise others to championship status" and that he would "build [his] stable" around Edge.

"I can lead Edge back to the prominence he once had," declared MVP. "…but he has to focus. He has to listen to me."

MVP beckons Edge to the ring, but Edge pays him little attention, calling Orton out to the ring, telling him to "grow a set."

MVP argues that Edge is "focusing on the wrong thing" and asks, "how is your wife," and Edge answers MVP with a crushing spear.

Orton attempts to take advantage of the moment, but Edge counters, getting in an RKO before Orton bails from the ring and Edge turns his attention and aggression back to MVP.

Edge delivers an RKO to MVP on a steel chair and before striking MVP with another steel chair he confirms that his actions toward MVP are a brutal warning for Orton, "this is you, Randy!"

Edge does not just stop with a single chair strike, however; he obliges the crowd's request for "one more time" and drives the steel home again.

Edge is expected to face Randy Orton at WrestleMania 36, which takes place on April 5 from Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, FL.