JBL used his time in quarantine this past weekend to share a story on Twitter about a backstage fight between the late Eddie Guerrero and Kurt Angle.

JBL began by explaining how wrestlers during his time in WWE would generally get dressed around other wrestlers they were friends, saying he would sit around Guerrero because he liked talking to him. He said one night after a match Guerrero and Angle came back to the locker room heated.

“Well, apparently, something happened in that match,” he said, “and as they come back Eddie and Kurt get into a physical fight. Eddie leg dives an Olympic gold medalist. Now, Kurt Angle was not good in high school, he was not really good in college, he was the best in the world. Out of 8.5 billion people, he was the gold medalist. You might have a chance punching Kurt, hit him with something. Don’t leg dive an Olympic gold medalist.

“As they come back down the hall, I can hear this whole fight going on, and I’m the only one in the dressing room, and as they get back to the dressing room door, Eddie is on this side of the door, Kurt is on the other side of the door, John Laurinaitis, the head of talent relations, shuts the door and leaves Eddie on the this side of the door with only me in this big dressing room.

“And Eddie comes back, doesn’t even look at me, sits right beside me and he’s staring at the door, and he’s breathing so loud you can hear him breath. And I look at him and he’s still looking at the door, and I said ‘Eddie why would you leg dive a gold medalist?’ Eddie says, ‘Cause that’s stupid!'”

JBL went on to say he loved his late friend. He also advised to order takeout for our local shops if you can afford it and he hopes Byron Saxton isn’t recovering after taking a stunner on RAW.

You can see the original tweet, and another tweet where he answers a fan question about how he knew what happened during the fight while he was in the locker room, below: