Josh Barnett is looking to tweak the annual Bloodsport event. The MMA fighter announced that Bloodsport III will feature a one-night tournament on April 2. This is similar to earlier UFC events from when the promotion first started.

Barnett posted on Twitter the following:

“Josh Barnett’s: Bloodsport III is here to bring you the highest level of professional wrestling. We present to you: The Gotch-Robinson Cup. An annual 1 night tournament of some of the best in professional wrestling today vying for a prestigious honor.”

Bloodsport III is scheduled to take place in Tampa, FL during WrestleMania weekend. The event, which has matches that feature hybrid MMA/pro wrestling-style bouts, will have no ropes and the only way to win is by knockout or submission. I

t is being put on by Game Changer Wrestling and Barnett. Jeff Cobb and Davey Boy Smith Jr. are signed for the event, and several bouts have been announced for it. Besides Barnett v. Jon Moxley, Bloodsport III will also include Minoru Suzuki v. Chris Dickinson and Killer Kelly vs. Allysin Kay.

You can check out the announcement below: