Ken Shamrock Recalls Coughing Up Blood During WWE Match Due To Tear In His Lung

Ken Shamrock joined WWE during The Attitude Era and he's still going strong today in Impact Wrestling. The World's Most Dangerous Man was asked about the violent and bloody feud he had with The Rock back in the day on Ethan Page's vlog.

"The funny thing about that is, it's not funny. That was back in The Attitude Era and we went after one another. Rock went after me; I went after him and we all understood going into the ring that we were trying to do something special," said Shamrock. "We wanted to change the landscape of pro wrestling from being a talent show and looking pretty to just rough and tough."

Shamrock was even bleeding from the mouth in one of the matches and coughing up blood. He says that was all in the name of providing a realistic product for the pro wrestling fan.

"So, Rock beat the hell out of me and I turn around and beat the hell out of The Rock. Same with Stone Cold. Same with Shawn Michaels. The matches we had with Vader ? it was the real deal. So, when I was coughing up blood, that was no joke. We all, during that time, left our soul, our sweat and our blood in that ring in order for us to come out with that product that we know today as The Attitude Era," stated Shamrock.

Page then followed up on Shamrock saying he was coughing up blood and asked him to clarify that he wasn't using a blood capsule in his mouth.

"Noooo, I'm telling you; we tear lungs," revealed Shamrock. "I did the same where I was coughing up blood taking a slam because I had a tear in my lung, which is like a little paper cut or a tear in your lung from getting slammed so hard. Blood would start leaking in. If you did it enough times it would stay open you would drown?

"That was no capsule. We didn't do that during The Attitude Era. When we took things on the pole and were bleeding [from the head], there weren't blades. We did it the hard way and that's by hitting it hard with ourselves on a pole to bust it open."

If you use any of the quotes in this article, please credit Ethan Page's vlog with a h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.