LSG has worked for various promotions over the last few years but he’s best known for his time in ROH. He discussed his goals in 2020 with Wrestling Inc’s Andy Malnoske for today’s The Wrestling Inc Daily podcast.

“Ring of Honor’s been great as I’ve been working there for the last four-and-a-half years. I was predominantly put in a tag team and now I’m on my own so I’ve got some big goals for 2020 and beyond,” said LSG. “I think there might be some gold in my future for the Ace of Space. We’ve got a good year ahead of me.”

LSG’s style seems like it would fit perfectly in NXT and he was asked about the possibility of joining WWE’s developmental brand.

“I’m a free agent so I can do whatever I want at this point and whatever works best for me. I would love that opportunity and would never pass that up. It’s something I’ve dreamed with my entire life,” revealed LSG. “I’ve got a lot of friends down there and guys I’ve trained with. Guys like Damian Priest, Matt Riddle, Nick Ogarelli, Steve Cutler ? all Monster Factory graduates. They are guys I’ve trained with and wrestled with and now to see them there is very inspiring. I can definitely see myself there.”

LSG grew up a huge fan of ROH so that gives him great perspective on what current fans want out of the performers. He talked about who inspires him every time he steps through the curtain.

“I was a Ring of Honor fan as a kid and I remember what it felt like when those wrestlers connected with me. So, I feel that I need to give back and do the same thing. I want them to feel the same way that I did as a kid. That’s my driving force,” stated LSG.

“I always feel like an underdog as it is. So, I’m always fighting for the people and these kids that love wrestling and are going crazy for me. And I do it for 14-year-old me that was at ROH banging on the guard rail and going crazy. I do it for the people and that’s my driving force.”

ROH has undergone a transition in the last year-and-a-half with many departures and new arrivals. LSG talked about why the best of ROH could still be ahead of them.

“It’s definitely expanding every year. We hit the peaks and valleys like every company but I think ROH is in a great spot. We’ve got these great partnerships and you see ROH stars in NWA and in New Japan, so the possibilities are endless,” said LSG. “I think we’re gonna be on more TV, in new cities and we’re bringing in world-class talent. I think there’s a lot to be excited about in ROH and I’m just happy to be there. I’m ready for what’s next.”

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