Even before his departure from WWE, Matt Hardy's future in the wrestling world has been the topic of discussion for many, and now that he is officially a free agent the possibilities for his future in the business appear bright.

In an interview with Sports Illustrated, Hardy touched on future matches he would like to be a part of, "Broken Matt," and being a wrestling fan in 2020. According to Hardy, his twenty-seven year career is far from over.

"I have a few great wrestling matches left in me, and I feel like one of those is with Kenny Omega," Hardy said. "I'd love to have a one-on-one match with him. Hopefully that will happen down the road."

It would not necessarily surprise fans to see Hardy in AEW considering recent hints to Hardy on Being the Elite, the Young Bucks appearing on Free the Delete, or even recent teases by The Dark Order.

"I am speaking with AEW, and I am very close with the Young Bucks," Hardy stated. "We've been great friends for a long time. They understand this business and know how to break the fourth wall and have fun with all of this. They really are special."

Despite this, however; AEW is not the only company Hardy has spoken too.

"I've also spoken with Impact and I spoke with the NWA," Hardy said. "I had great conversations just this week with Triple H about NXT. I'm not sure where I'm going to go. From a character perspective, I want to go to an Arcadia. That's where I can take the second coming of 'Broken Matt' and build upon it. I need a canvas where I can paint and collaborate."

Regardless of where Hardy ends up, one aspect of his return and the future of "Broken Matt" remains important to him as both a wrestler and wrestling fan: being surprise.

"I'm a wrestling fan, and when I'm watching, I love to be surprised," Hardy said. "That's the beauty of this industry. And as a performer, if you can do that in 2020, that's when you truly master your craft. That's what I'm working to do.

"If you're with WWE, you're with WWE. Triple H is very much a part of the pulse of the modern fan. I'm a big fan of what he's done with NXT, and Triple H really gets and understands wrestling fans. His vision is incredible. But there is also the possibility of working for a couple companies."