It was recently revealed that April 2nd’s Bloodsport III will feature the Gotch-Robinson Cup, a one-night tournament featuring some of the top wrestlers in the world. With the object to win by submission or knockout, Josh Barnett is looking to make things exciting.

We now know the competitors that will be in the tournament. Barnett posted on social media that two of the first competitors in the tournament will be Hideki Suzuki and Thomas Santell. Suzuki is a former Big Japan Pro Wrestling Strong Heavyweight Champion, as well as a one-time Wrestle-1 and Pro Wrestling Zero1 World Heavyweight Champion. He won the Inoki Genome Tournament in 2013 and continues to freelance all over. Santell, formerly a member of WWE’s Heart Throbs, has won multiple tag team titles from all over the world. He became the head trainer for Rome Wrestling Academy in 2012.

Barnett posted the following to social media:

“How about a match up for the 1st round of the Gotch-Robinson Cup? Too old school grapplers looking to pull each other apart. Hideki Suzuki vs Thomas Santell. Round 1 of the Gotch-Robinson Cup tournament at Josh Barnett’s: Bloodsport.”

Another matchup announced was Erik Hammer v. Calder McColl. Hammer has wrestled for IGF and GCW. Primarily competing in Japan, Hammer has a wrestling style that goes back to the amateur days. McColl is a Scottish wrestler known for utilizing MMA and BJJ into his wrestling. He pursued an MMA career and went 8-2 before heading back into the world of pro wrestling.

“Another round 1 match up for the Gotch-Robinson Cup! Two brutes collide as the Hammer seeks to create a nail out of The Highlander,” Barnett stated. “This Scotsman plans to skelp rim ri inna coupon. Erik Hammer vs Calder McColl. Josh Barnett’s: Bloodsport III.”

Barnett stated that the previously announced Davey Boy Smith Jr. will take on Matt Makowski in the opening round. Makowski (6-2) is a BJJ specialist who has fought in Chikara and Beyond Wrestling. He also has experience in an MMA cage, fighting from 2007-21010. Competing in promotions like Bellator and Ring of Combat. Makowski has one win via submission.

“Davey Boy Smith Jr. may be a “bulldog” but Matt Makowski is as tenacious as a pitbull and there’s no lack of fight in this dog,” Barnett stated. “Davey Boy Smith Jr. vs Matt Makowski, round 1 of the Gotch-Robinson Cup!”

Finally, the previously announced Jeff Cobb will be facing JR Kratos. Kratos is a former APW and PREMIER Champion and has prior experience with Jeff Cobb.

“This last match up for the 1st round of the Gotch-Robinson Cup has two absolute BRUISERS going toe-to-toe! Jeff Cobb vs JR Kratos,” Barnett stated. “Josh Barnett’s: Bloodsport is the hardest hitting event there is!”

Bloodsport III is scheduled to take place in Tampa, FL during WrestleMania weekend. The event, which has matches that feature hybrid MMA/pro wrestling-style bouts, will have no ropes and the only way to win is by knockout or submission. It is being put on by Game Changer Wrestling and Barnett. Besides Barnett v. Jon Moxley and the Gotch-Robinson Cup, Bloodsport III will also include Minoru Suzuki v. Chris Dickinson and Killer Kelly vs. Allysin Kay.