Earlier today, Pro Wrestling Noah announced that their Yokohama show tomorrow will be cancelled. The move came after the Governor of Kanagawa asked for a lockdown to slow down the spread of COVID-19. Soon after, many other promotions in Japan announced cancellations of their shows as well including Dragon Gate and Big Japan Pro Wrestling.

All Japan Pro Wrestling announced yesterday that Joel Redman, Lucas Steele and Davey Boy Smith Jr will not be competing in this year’s Champion Carnival due to travel issues relating to COVID-19. This year’s Champion Carnival is scheduled for April.

Noah went further in their announcements. They also announced that they will be cancelling all their scheduled their events from the end of March and April to May.

New Japan Pro Wrestling have announced the cancellation of the New Japan Cup earlier this month. They also cancelled Sakura Genesis and Road to Dontaku events that were scheduled in April.

Stardom had a show called “No People Gate” where there were no fans in attendance, and Dragon Gate recently held a show with no audience as well. However, Stardom recently held their Cinderella Tournament event with fans in attendance, but fans had to take a temperature check before entering.

You can view the translated announcements below: