Ryback Discusses WWE Burying Ricochet Recently

It was just a few months ago that Ricochet was the United States champion and then just a few weeks ago that he challenged Brock Lesnar for the WWE Championship. But Ricochet was squashed in that match at Super Showdown and then lost cleanly to Riddick Moss in a Raw match for the 24/7 Title. Last week, Ricochet wrestled a match on WWE Main Event.


It appears he's in the process of getting buried, which is what many WWE Superstars have experienced at some point. Ryback talked about Ricochet's quick descent on "Ryback TV Shooting Blanks Wrestling Report With Raj Giri."

"It's odd where this started ? and we talked about this where I wasn't thrilled with how Bobby Lashley was being used to set up Ricochet to go up against Lesnar and get squashed. Sure enough, it was a typical Brock match," Ryback said before adding that he wasn't familiar with Riddick Moss.

"He has a great look actually. I thought they were gonna put the 24/7 Title on Ricochet and restart the build again which makes sense. But then he lost and I don't know. Then I saw some things where it said Vince is giving up on him. WWE feeds this all out and they do this to f*** with the guys because they know the guys read the boards. They'll purposely put this out to play f***ing games with the guys for whatever reason they want."


Ryback then questioned if WWE soured on Ricochet months ago and the plan was to just get the Saudi match out of him before starting to bury him.

"Then you look at the guys they used ? this is what sucks about it ? Bobby putting him over meant nothing. That's what I always hated up there as when you're a part of that when it's not paying off for anything. It just brings everybody down. Brock doesn't get any higher and it f***ing sucks," stated Ryback.

He then complimented Ricochet's look and skill set but said WWE wants to keep Superstars at a certain level to keep them in check. They'll build you up and then tear you down but you don't want to get buried completely as you usually don't come back from that.

"You don't ever wanna go too far down because if you do, there's no overcoming that. Jinder's one of the only ones they've ever done that with even though there was backlash," said Ryback. "Then they brought him back down to where he's settled in the mid-card. It's not a good thing and it just sucks that we'll never really know why things like that happen."

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