In honor of Women’s History Month, WWE recently published a gallery of 45 women who have won either a WWE Championship or the NXT Championship. Michelle McCool was a four-time champion but was curiously omitted from the list before being later added after voicing her displeasure.

The Undertaker then sent out a rare tweet in which he said “Too little too late…unbelievable!!” in response to WWE’s gallery tweet. Ryback discussed the whole situation on Ryback TV Shooting Blanks Wrestling Report With Raj Giri.

“It’s crazy that you’ve got Hunter married to Stephanie at the top of the company,” Ryback said before noting that he and McCool were neighbors while at Deep South Wrestling. “?She’s always worked really hard and never complained or b—hed so I can understand her frustration. That stuff’s not done on accident. You just don’t leave somebody off and it just sucks that kinda stuff goes on.

“It doesn’t matter who you are ? even with Taker. Vince doesn’t have ties to anybody. We’ve seen it with long-term employees where he just fires them and they do it in a really sh**ty way. There’s no loyalty and it’s an odd thing. Taker’s getting there towards the end and nothing surprises me.

“It’s more for her personal than anything. I’ve been left off of so many different things now that I don’t give a sh*t. She does and I’m glad they fixed it at least.”

Ryback then said that the women of today should be thankful of past Superstars like McCool as today’s performers don’t have to go through the same BS that those of the past did.

Raj then brought up Sable and the fact that she’s married to Brock Lesnar. WWE rarely mentions her and her name has never been rumored for the Hall of Fame and Ryback reasoned why.

“Reaction-wise, she was as over as anybody. She blew away all of the other girls reaction-wise,” stated Ryback. “It could just be a thing where Brock doesn’t want her mentioned. A lot of people, once they leave they want out of that wrestling bubble and the bullsh**.”

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