Recently on The Steve Austin Show, WWE Hall Of Famer Steve Austin welcomed bodybuilder and American Gladiator Mike ‘Titan’ O’Hearn to The Broken Skull Studios. Among many other things, Austin talked about starting work on the second season of USA Network’s Straight Up Steve Austin and returning to WWE Monday Night RAW for 3:16 Day later tonight.

According to Austin, he will start work on his reality television show, Straight Up Steve Austin, in the next couple of weeks.  

“As far as everything else goes,” Austin shared, “[the] Straight Up Steve Austin show, my show on the USA Network, will start filming here [in Los Angeles, California] in about two or three weeks.”

As previously reported, Austin is scheduled to appear on RAW for 3:16 Day. Austin noted that the WWE Universe created a holiday for ‘Stone Cold’ and looks forward to returning to RAW.

“Now, I didn’t declare this holiday,” Austin noted. “I didn’t declare it a national holiday on my own behalf. It seems like the WWE Universe has declared 3/16 to be Steve Austin Day because of the famous promo I cut way back at King Of The Ring in 1996 when I got kicked in the mouth by Marc Mero. I got driven to the hospital in an ambulance where they put 14, 15, 16 stitches in my upper lip. Then, [I] wrestled Jake ‘The Snake’ [Roberts] in the final and beat him. I walked up to the microphone where Dok Hendrix was going to interview me, and I dropped the ‘Austin 3:16’ phrase, and the ‘because ‘Stone Cold’ said so’ phrase, and I hit two home runs, two grand slams in fact, at a pay-per-view that I was never even supposed to win from the get-go.

“So all these years later, we celebrate, I guess, the beginning of officially announcing it on Monday Night RAW, 3:16 Day, so thank everybody for the support for all these years and I’m looking forward to making another appearance on Monday Night RAW. My appearances on that show are few and far between. I don’t know exactly what I’ll be doing, but I’m going to be raising hell and drinking plenty of cold Broken Skull IPA, my beer from El Segundo Brewing Company.”

Austin also discussed recently trying the ‘carnivore’ diet. He noted that gave it up after only days because he found the program “too limiting”.  

“Hey man, I tried that carnivore diet, man. It wore my teeth out after three days. I said, ‘no mas’. Yeah, I gave it a shot, man. To me, it was just too limiting. I do like a couple of carbs. I’ve got to watch my carbs. I just can’t go all over the place. But I do like a little bit of variety.” Austin said, “just eating a steak? If [O’Hearn] would’ve told me when I was in Tennessee wrestling when I was in the beginning, ‘hey Steve,’ and I was starving, ‘we’re going to sign you up to be eating steaks every single meal of the day,’ I would’ve said, ‘where do I sign up?’ But to me, after doing it, it was too extreme.”

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