Recently on The New Day: Feel The Power, WWE Superstars Big E, Kofi Kingston, and Xavier Woods began a single-elimination tournament to determine the greatest television show of all time. The New Day, who recently signed new multiyear deals to remain with WWE, completed the first round of the tournament, which saw television shows compete in four different categories, Live Action Comedy, Animation, Drama, and Reality/Game Show.

Live Action Comedy

Seinfeld def. Family Matters
Fresh Prince Of Bel Air def. Parks & Rec.
In Living Color def. Golden Girls
Curb Your Enthusiasm def. Living Single
The Office (U.S.) def. It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia.
Chapelle's Show def. Arrested Development
Sanford & Son def. Saved By The Bell
Saturday Night Live def. Key & Peele

Of note, Woods's favorite television show, Golden Girls, was ousted in the first round by In Living Color. The defeat could have been considered an upset, but launching the successful Hollywood careers of the likes of the Wayans Bros., Jim Carey, Jennifer Lopez, and Jamie Foxx would be too much for Betty White & Co. to overcome.

"If you don't pick Golden Girls, we're fist fighting," Woods declared during the voting. "Golden Girls runs the test of time! It's still funny today! The best written show in the history of television! Nothing will ever beat Golden Girls!"


X-Men def. Doug
The Boondocks def. Thundercats
Dragonball Z def. GI Joe
Inspector Gadget def. The Real Ghostbusters
The Simpsons def. South Park
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles def. Animaniacs
Ren & Stimpy def. He-Man
Batman: The Animated Series def. Rugrats

When explaining his vote for Ren & Stimpy over He-Man, Big E noted that he had always been drawn to the adult humor of Ren & Stimpy.

"Ren & Stimpy had a log and a saw," Big E recalled. "This is a kids show! I can't get into too much detail, but you know what it is. They sawed back and forth. If you know me or have ever seen me in the last five years, caught a promo or doing anything on TV, you know this is my kind of humor! This is what I want. This is in my wheelhouse!"   


Breaking Bad def. Better Call Saul
Dexter def. Watchmen
Lost def. Ozark
The Leftovers def. The Sopranos
24 def. Mad Men
Nip/Tuck def. Game Of Thrones
X-Files def. Prison Break
Law & Order def. The Wire

The biggest upset coming out of the Drama bracket is Nip/Tuck beating out Game Of Thrones as Woods and Big E both picked the medical dramedy. According to Woods, he connected more to the surgeons of Nip/Tuck than the fantasy characters of George R.R. Martin's world.

"I'm going to say Nip/Tuck," Woods claimed. "Nip/Tuck is incredible. No, listen, Christian, the character Christian is so dope. Both of those surgeons, hilarious in their own way! Dude, such an incredible show. Incredible show. Yes, I'm much more emotionally attached to the characters of Nip/Tuck."

Big E's vote for Nip/Tuck was due largely to his disinterest in Game Of Thrones and the HBO series poor conclusion.

"I will say I've only seen a handful of Nip/Tuck episodes. I did enjoy them though. And we've talked about Game Of Thrones many a times. You guys were much more into it than I was." Big E continued, "you want to talk about a battle that was built up for seasons, a battle with them walkers. Hmmm? It was supposed to be epic! I heard it was shot over several days. Yeah, I heard it was supposed to be huge. It was supposed to be such a big deal and it went like that!"

Another upset in the Drama category came when Big E sided with Woods to pick Law & Order over The Wire. The muscle of The New Day was totally swayed by Woods's description of WWE Universal Champion Bill Goldberg's cameo appearance on Law & Order.

"You don't remember when Goldberg was high on PCP and tearing up the police department?" Woods asked E. "Yes, yes, that's all you! Bro, the whole first five minutes of the episode are Goldberg tearing up the entire police department and talking about how he's high on PCP! Think about how strong Goldberg is, for one. He just beat 'The Fiend'. Now think about him on PCP! Bill, WIlliam Goldberg, in a denim tuxedo."

Reality/Game Show

The Price Is Right def. Supermarket Sweep
Blind Date def. Next
Nick Arcade def. Double Dare
Wheel Of Fortune def. Family Feud
Guts def. Legends Of The Hidden Temple
Real World def. Road Rules
Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? def. Survivor
Jeopardy def. The Weakest Link

In what may be considered an upset, Survivor will not advance to the second round of the tournament, as Kingston selected Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? even though he confused it with the game show Deal Or No Deal.

"I never really got into Survivor, man. I know all the hype and everything. I just never got into it. But Millionaire, phew, coming up to the last briefcases and people picking the wrong ones and having the options of winning a million dollars or a dollar." After being told that he was confusing Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? with Deal Or No Deal, Kingston said, "well, there's a million dollars involved in [Deal Or No Deal] as well, so you can understand the confusion. I never got into [Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?]. But if Deal Or No Deal is on here, it has my vote. Is that the next one?"

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