Tony Khan Discusses How Cody Rhodes' Neck Tattoo Might Affect Him

During the media scrum after AEW Revolution, Tony Khan was asked about Cody's new neck tattoo. As can be heard in the video above, Khan was pretty direct in saying that it was Cody's decision and that he had his blessing, but also mentioned that the fresh ink could cause Cody some issues down the road.


"You know, I had a mixed bag.", said Khan. "He asked about it and I told him going in that I support him either way. For some mainstream roles, it's gonna make you harder to be Bruce Wayne maybe."

Khan followed up his comment by sharing that the tattoo could be a good way to help Cody and AEW as a brand going forward.

"For like a wrestling brand there is so many things you can do. Cody's presentation and instincts are off the charts.

"I told him I supported the decision, but there are two sides. It could be pretty bad ass looking for wrestling, but it could also be a hindrance if he wants to do certain mainstream roles, but I think he wants to be a bad ass wrestler and I think that's pretty cool. I think that's awesome."


There were some that thought the new ink was just a temporary tattoo, however it was confirmed that the artwork is indeed permanent.