Earlier in the week there were reports of Triple H receiving a "quiet demotion" due to a title change within the company about five months ago that just recently came out in a SEC filing. Triple H previously worked as the Executive Vice President of Talent, Live Events & Creative since 2013, but received a new job title—Executive Vice President of Global Talent Development & Strategy. He also has his Senior Producer and creator roles with the NXT brand.

He was reportedly moved away from being in charge of talent and his main duties are now the growth and operation of NXT, selling the NXT TV rights to overseas partners, and the global expansion of the black & yellow brand.

Vince McMahon's Chief of Staff, Brad Blum, took over Triple H's other duties as Executive Vice President of Operations, overseeing the departments that Triple H previously ran, taking over duties such as negotiating with talent. Mark Carrano, WWE Vice President of Talent Relations no longer reports to Triple H, but instead to Blum.

On last night's WWE SmackDown, the show was moved from Detroit to the WWE Performance Center in Orlando due to the Coronavirus pandemic. SmackDown did not have an audience and Triple H worked commentary alongside Michael Cole.

During the show, Triple H joked about his "demotion," saying he was busier than ever.

"I'm not really that busy at all!" Triple H said. "I'm the only man in the history of the world that can get demoted and get busier, apparently, I don't know, but here I am."

Today, in a report from PWInsider, Triple H is indeed busier than ever in his new role, which also includes leading the way to opening new WWE Performance Centers, both domestically and around the world, for more talent to be trained.