Several wrestlers and fans, including AEW star Chris Jericho, are defending the WrestleCon promoters against Marriott International, the planned host hotel for the WrestleCon 2020 event that was canceled on Monday due to WWE nixing their WrestleMania 36 Week events in the Tampa area.

As noted on Monday, WrestleCon revealed in a tweet that they were forced to cancel their week of events after WWE did the same due to the coronavirus pandemic. The convention promoters revealed in another tweet to a fan that due to Marriott International's "Cancellation & Refund Policy" they are apparently being charged more than $114,000 for "liquidated damages." Marriott wrote:

I sincerely appreciate your communication today regarding your client, Highspots / WrestleCon 2020 cancellation due to the "Impossibility clause" of our agreement.

We are respectfully in disagreement with your client's position. It is neither illegal nor impossible for "WrestleCon 2020" to occur as previously agreed.

I further add that Marriott International's Cancellation and Refund Policy extends exclusion for groups booked during periods with special events restrictions or peak demands.

WrestleCon 2020 is a special event booked over heavy demand dates. Since our hotel is prepared to perform as agreed, your client's cancellation will cause damages to the hotels.

The liquidated damages due the hotel is 80% of total revenue owed hotel or $144,202.00

Jericho first offered WrestleCon some advice and shamed Marriott in a tweet.

He wrote, "Hey @wrestlecon, no court in the world would force u to pay this bill AND if we go into city wide lockdowns, they won't have a leg to stand on anyway. In the meantime shame on u @Marriott for taking this stance in such an uncertain time! I have tons of fans who feel the same way."

Le Champion then called on the most famous WWE Hall of Famer in the land - President Donald Trump.

Jericho continued in the follow-up tweet, "Excuse me @realDonaldTrump-I think @Marriott doesn't understand your advice that NO gatherings over 10 ppl take place for the next few weeks & I think @dralexpatel would agree that its impossible & possibly illegal to move forward with @wrestlecon. So stop the threats #Marriott!"

Hundreds of wrestlers, fans and others on Twitter have joined the call for the hotel chain to help WrestleCon out of the bind that was brought on by the COVID-19 outbreak. It looks like this is a situation that could end bad for Marriott, at least from a PR standpoint, as many have joined the replies to state that they won't do business with the brand again.

WrestleCon thanked everyone for their support and wrote, "We appreciate your help Twitter Army, but keep in mind that the letter was written by the local Tampa Westshore Sales Director, not a national correspondence. I"m guessing once the parent company sees what is happening, they will step in and do the right thing."

You can see the related tweets from WrestleCon, Jericho, The Blue Meanie, Ian Riccaboni, and comedian Taylor Williamson below: