As SmackDown’s ring announcer, Greg Hamilton works and travels with the blue brand from town to town. He talked about how travelling is the most difficult part of the job when he spoke with our own Andy Malnoske and was featured on The Wrestling Inc. Daily.

“Travel looks like a lot of fun on Instagram and for the most part it is. But we move at such a fast clip. When we go to Australia, we’re not on the beach for a week. We fly 17 hours over there, land, get some rest in and have a show that night. Get on a plane the next morning and do another show that night. Get on another plane and do another show that night. Get up the next day, fly back to the States and go straight to SmackDown,” said Hamilton.

“That kind of travel and what it does to your body and mind, that’s probably one of the most challenging things that people don’t realize.”

But there are obvious luxuries at being a ring announcer and Hamilton talked about the privilege of standing in the ring and being able to create everlasting memories for fans.

“Standing in that ring, especially at WrestleMania, and looking around and seeing those faces is almost like time stops. You really take in that moment at looking around at these stadiums. It is surreal and it surpasses anything I’ve done in my career,” Hamilton said before noting that he got his start announcing on cruise ships.

“Never in my wildest dreams did I expect to feel this way professionally. It is so fulfilling and to see the looks on kid’s faces ? I was that kid. To be a part of something now to provide these shows for these kids is not just fun, it’s a responsibility. These are memories these kids take forever.”

Like most Superstars, Hamilton also got his WWE start in NXT and he talked about how special of a product it was back then and still is today.

“We did shows in armories around Florida. What’s so funny about that is back when I started there, a regular show would have Charlotte Flair, Becky Lynch, Sasha Banks, Kevin Owens, Shinsuke Nakamura. That was a regular Thursday night in Ocala for $5 tickets,” recalled Hamilton.

“Look at those Superstars and now look at NXT. Triple H always says ‘We are NXT’ and that’s not a gimmick. Yes, I’m on Friday Night SmackDown but I will always be NXT. There is something special and organic about that product and show.

“To see where they’re taking it now ? I felt like we took it somewhere ? but what they’re doing is incredible and it’s just gonna continue to go.”

Any job can become monotonous over time and Hamilton revealed what he does to make sure he’s giving his all for each and every event.

“A thing that I mentally do to remind myself when you do get tired is, somewhere out there it’s some kid’s first show. So don’t phone it in because you were that kid once at your first show. I try to keep that mentality to make this happen and put on these great show,” said Hamilton who then revealed the best advice he ever received.

“I would have to say from Mr. William Regal: Do your best, be yourself. He always looked after me. Listen, nobody buys a ticket to see me ? they buy tickets to see the Superstars. I do everything I can to let them know how much I appreciate being there. You pull bags off under the bus at hotels. You let the talent get on the elevator first. You do the right things but you also be yourself. William Regal was a huge influence for me at the Performance Center.”

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