AJ Styles with Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson vs. Aleister Black (No DQ Match)

Bit of a feeling out process early on between both wrestlers. Black with a massive kick to the chest. Crowd with an "Undertaker" chant. Anderson on the apron for the distraction, Styles with the chop block, and another in the corner. Styles looking to work the knee. Styles in control, goes outside, gets a kendo stick out from under the ring and whacks the back of Black's knee. Looking to take away Black Mass from Black's arsenal. Black still manages to land a kick with his good knee though and takes the kendo stick. Styles with a dropkick that sends Black to the floor. Styles flies out to the floor, but eats a knee strike.

Black brings a table out and sets it up on the floor. Styles with a chair though, whacking Black a couple times. Styles then sets the chair up in the corner. He tries to launch Black into the chair, no luck, lands an enziguri though. Styles works over Black's knee some more, boot to the chest. Black fights back, lands a knee strike. Styles locks in the calf crusher. He's able to get the kendo stick and shove it against Styles' face until he breaks the hold. Black with a kendo stick shot to the legs and back of Styles' back, legs, and midsection.

Back and forth attacks from each wrestler. Styles up to the top rope, Black follows with a big knee. He throws a flurry of punches on Styles. Snap german suplex with the bridge for a two-count. Styles with a nasty neckbreaker on his opponent. Styles clash attempt, no, kick to Styles' face. Black tries for a second rope moonsault. Styles catches him in midair and looks for a tombstone! He even does Undertaker's neck slash taunt. Black reverses out of it, cover for two. Black with more strikes and a kick, sending Styles into that chair that was in the corner.

Both end up on the floor, Styles slams into Black, launching him over the announce table. Styles clears off the table, looking to finish off Black. Black kicks out Styles' leg and he hits his face on the table as he goes down to the floor. Black then hits a meteora, sending Style backwards through the table that was setup earlier in the match. Both back in the ring, Black looks for Black Mass. Gallows runs in, gets dropped. Anderson in, and then eats a knee. The O.C. swarm Black and swing away on him.

Styles looks to hit the phenomenal forearm, but Undertaker's music hits! Lights go out. When they come up, Undertaker is choking out both Gallows and Anderson. Styles tries for the phenomenal forearm, Taker catches him in midair and then hits a chokeslam. Lights go out and The Deadman is gone. Black is back up and cracks Styles with Black Mass, cover, 1-2-3.

Winner: Aleister Black via pinfall

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