WWE Elimination Chamber: Andrade Vs. Humberto Carrillo (WWE US Championship)

Andrade with Zelina Vega (c) vs. Humberto Carrillo (WWE US Championship)

Andrade lands a big back elbow right off the bat, cover, two-count. Andrade stomps away at his opponent in the corner. Lots of back and forth action, Andrade sent out to the floor, Carrillo follows, big chop, both back in the ring. Carrillo leaps off the top turnbuckle with a flying headbutt. Carrillo with a massive springboard arm drag that sends Andrade to the floor. Carrillo drags him back up to the apron, Andrade drapes Carrillo's neck over the top rope. The champ follows with a single leg dropkick and then poses.

Andrade keeps the pressure on the challenge, works the arm, Carrillo with a kick to the face and an arm drag, but then eats a boot to the face. Carrillo tossed out to the floor, Andrade heads out and looks to pull up the protective padding. Carrillo runs in to stop that, Andrade jams Carrillo's back into the ring post. Referee starts his ten-count, Carrillo makes it back in at nine, but is immediately dropped by a kick from Andrade. More strikes by the champ, but he's then dropped hard out to the floor. Andrade gets back in the ring, jawbreaker by Carrillo, spinning kick to the head, tilt-a-whirl backbreaker, springboard enziguri. He looks for a standing moonsault, but gets thrown back into the turnbuckle. Vega calling for "knees!"

Andrade gears up for the big strike, Carrillo is up, Andrade tries for the back elbow instead, misses. Kick by Carrillo, ends up on the apron, pops Carrillo and heads to the top rope. Carrillo with a kick to the head, goes up to the second rope and takes a big shot from Andrade. Both stand on the top rope and Carrillo lands a super hurricanrana, cover, 1-2-no. Carrillo tries for a top rope moonsault, lands on his feet, gets sent into the turnbuckle, Andrade lands the double knees in the corner, cover, two-count.

Vega is now ripping up the protective padding for Andrade. He sends Carrillo out to the floor, looks for the DDT, but gets back body dropped (on the padding). Carrillo then leaps over the referee with a flip down on Andrade. He tosses the champ in the ring, heads to the top rope, flying crossbody, cover, 1-2-no. Carrillo with a tricky pin, two, another one, two-count, Andrade reverses for a two-count. Carrillo tries yet again for a roll-up, Andrade reverses and holds the tights for the victory.

Winner: Andrade via pinfall to retain the WWE US Championship

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