Daniel Bryan vs. Drew Gulak

Crowd with a "Daniel Bryan" chant as the bell rings. Fireman carry takedown on Bryan. Bryan works a wristlock, but Gulak reverses into one of his own. Gulak sent into the rope, Gulak with a shoulder tackle. Bryan looks a little annoyed already as he sits in the corner, Gulak says "come on, Bryan!" Side headlock takedown by Bryan, Gulak sneaks out of it using his legs. Bryan rolls out of it and goes into a half crab, Gulak with a kick to the chest, they both end up on the mat and kick away at each other's face. Both end up rolling to the ropes and break the hold.

Gulak with a little mouse under his eye. Bryan heads out to the floor to regroup. Bryan is back in, picks the ankle, looking for a surfboard stretch, nope, Bryan is then put into the same hold. He gets out of it and kicks Gulak right in the leg. Gulak with chops in the corner, Bryan does the same with some kicks. Gulak returns fire with a dragon screw leg whip. He then lands a short piledriver on Bryan, picks him up pulls Bryan's neck back over his shoulder, spins him around, plants him to the ring, cover, two-count.

Gulak with big chops, shots to the midsection, looking for a suplex, Bryan lands a knee, then they do an end-over-end suplex with both men going down to the floor! Back in the ring, Gulak with a saito suplex, cover, two. Bryan selling his neck hurting. Full nelson applied by Gulak, reversed into a roll-up for two. Bryan with a full nelson into a dragon suplex with the bridge for two. Gulak with a release german suplex, cover, two. Bryan rolls out to the floor and lays there as the referee begins his ten-count.

He gets up and falls down at seven, leaps in at nine. Gulak is right there for a pin attempt, two. Bryan sent into the corner, he flips up and over, then hits a running clothesline. Multiple kicks in the corner on Gulak. He puts Gulak up top, Gulak slips under and crotches Bryan. Gulak goes up top and hits a reverses suplex into a dragon sleeper. Tries to lock it in deeper, Bryan rolls through for the yes-lock, throws punches to soften up Gulak. He then applies it in the middle of the ring, and the referee calls for the bell as Gulak passes out.

Winner: Daniel Bryan via referee stoppage

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