"AEW Dark" Video And Results (4/7): Tony Donati Vs. Kip Sabian, Wardlow In Action, QT Marshall

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Tony Donati vs. Kip Sabian (w/ Penelope Ford)

Lee Johnson vs. QT Marshall

Also, Wardlow will be in action!

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Tony Schiavone and Cody welcome fans to a brand new episode of AEW Dark! The first match is announced.

Lee Johnson vs. QT Marshall

Both men lockup. Marshall backs Johnson up in the corner. Marshall makes a clean break, and sends Johnson down on the mat with a hammerlock. Both men get back up. Marshall sends Johnson towards the ropes, and connects a hip toss. Marshall sends Johnson back down with an arm lock. Johnson reverses it. Marshall plants a powerslam, followed by a leg drop. Marshall locks in an ab stretch. Johnson gets out of the hold by elbowing Marshall in the knee. Next, Marshall connects an elevation. Johnson flies off the top rope and gets caught. Marshall lands a Swanton Bomb and wins the match.


Winner: QT Marshall

Next, Wardlow makes his way to the ring.

Ryan Pyles vs. Wardlow (w/ MJF)

Wardlow takes his time disrobing before the bell rings. Bell rings, Pyles charges towards Wardlow. Wardlow grabs him and connects an F10. Wardlow covers Pyles, and wins the match.

Winner: Wardlow

And now, the main event!

Tony Donati vs. Kip Sabian (w/ Penelope Ford)

Bell rings, Donati and Sabian feel each other out before locking up. Sabian rolls Donati on to the mat. Donati goes for a side headlock. Donati sends Sabian down with a clothesline. Sabian locks Donati's arm. Sabian sends Donati into the corner and kicks him down. Sabian distracts referee Aubrey Edwards, while Ford attacks Donati from the outside. Donati connects a hammerlock brainbuster. Donati goes for the cover, Sabian kicks out at 2. Sabian comes through with a Russian leg sweep that takes Donati down. Sabian locks in a submission hold. Donati taps out. Sabian wins.

Winner: Kip Sabian

That concludes this week's episode. From all of us here at Wrestling Inc., we hope you stay healthy and safe!