EC3 Says He Controls His Narrative Following WWE Release

As noted at this link here, EC3 was one of the WWE stars that was released on Wednesday.

He has been vocal on social media since the news about his release. He gave a synopsis of his WWE character and changed his name on Twitter to "Essential Character III."

In his most recent tweet, EC3 made it known that he won't participate in any interviews and isn't interested in signing autographs either. He also expressed that for the first time in a long time, he is in control of his narrative.

EC3 tweeted, "No. I will not do your podcast.? No. I will not do an interview for your website.? No. I am not interested in doing your autograph signing in eight months.? For the first time, in a long time...? I control the narrative now.?"

After his first WWE release in 2013 as Derrick Bateman, he came back in 2018 as EC3, the same name he used in Impact Wrestling.

Below you can read his tweet: