WWE Chairman & CEO Vince McMahon’s recent bad moods have reportedly become a running joke in the company.

Mr. McMahon has faced several issues as of late due to the coronavirus pandemic, from the company-wide releases to the folding and Chapter 11 Bankruptcy filing of his XFL football league. It was reported by PWInsider that Vince was coming off as a “grumpy SOB” due to the XFL woes a few weeks ago, and sources who were talking joked about staying away from the boss.

The word coming from people close to the situation was something like, “Yeah, I’m gonna stay out of the building for as long as I can and sit in my car or take the widest path that I can to stay out of his way, and to stay out of his vision.”

It was noted that a running joke in the company is how it’s great to do well and it’s great to get a raise or a promotion, but the raise and the promotion that WWE employees do not want to get is the one that’s going to put them in the direct sight of Vince.

Vince received more bad news this week when former XFL CEO & Commissioner Oliver Luck filed a lawsuit against him. Today could be another bad day for the Chairman as WWE will report their 1st quarter 2020 earnings report at 5pm ET.