Becky Lynch Reveals Which WrestleMania 36 Match She's Most Interested In Tonight

WWE RAW Women's Champion Becky Lynch retained her title against Shayna Baszler at last night's WrestleMania. Lynch then joined Sportscenter on ESPN this morning to talk about beating one of the MMA Four Horsewomen.

"Two down, two to go," Lynch responded. "It's one thing to get to the top of the mountain?but Shayna is impeccable, she has a pedigree that goes back to being a top ranked cagefighter for ten years straight, she's a pioneer in women's MMA. She was the longest reigning combined NXT Women's Champion. A lot of people said that I couldn't do it, especially now that I've held the title for a year. I think the question came up 'Was I hungry enough? Did I have what it takes to constantly overcome these obstacles?' Well, I proved that I did last night."

The champion was ask what it was like defending her title without a live audience at the WWE Performance Center.

"It's no secret that I run off the energy of the crowd and the fans," Lynch said. "Their support lifts me up and I become superhuman. So it was, 'How do I find that superhuman energy without them there?' But the good thing is I came from the independent circuit, so I was wrestling in little school halls in Ireland and England since I was 15 years old with seven people. Sometimes you're better off that there's no people because you can hear every single word in the crowd."

Lynch said she didn't know who was next, but she's an easy person to find, also noting she's excited to see who comes up from NXT since call-ups have traditionally happened shortly after WrestleMania.

With WrestleMania 36: Night Two going down tonight, Lynch was most looking forward to Edge taking on Randy Orton in a Last Man Standing Match.

"Edge vs. Randy Orton?Last Man Standing," Lynch said. "What a story! For Edge to come back, having been told that he was never going to wrestle again, and after nine years. We were watching his entrance at the Royal Rumble last night and still it gives me goosebumps, get tears in my eyes. I know how much this means to him, so I'm really rooting for him tonight."

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You can check out her interview in the clips below.