Big Show On If He Feels Safe Wrestling At The WWE Performance Center (Video)

On this past week's RAW, fans got to see footage after WrestleMania 36's main event where Drew McIntyre became the new WWE Champion by defeating Brock Lesnar. After the match, McIntyre came to the ring to talk a bit, but was interrupted by Big Show. The two went on to have a match, which McIntyre won by taking down Big Show with a claymore kick.

TMZ Sports caught up with Big Show to talk about WWE pressing forward with new content despite the coronavirus pandemic. WWE has been running shows out of its Performance Center in Orlando on a closed set. While they initially planned on taping numerous weeks of content this week, it was decided yesterday by Vince McMahon to instead have the shows be as live as possible.

"I think any way of escaping is good," Big Show said. "Any way people can escape?whether it's in a book, whether it's on your favorite program on TV or streaming service, or breaking out your favorite board game at home. Whatever you can do to stay engaged and to be able to take your mind off everything going on."

With WWE's continuing to have matches, Big Show was asked if he felt safe wrestling these days.

"Absolutely, Absolutely, one-hundred percent," Big Show responded. "The way our Performance Center is set up, the way it's being shot, the way our company is taking this very seriously, and at the same time being able to provide some type of escape for our fans. To keep our fans engaged, I think it's a win-win for everyone."

You can check out Big Show's full comments in the video above.

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